About DOM International Limited

DOM International Limited is an import/export company that specializes in importing and distributing sustainable and organic seafood products for the North American market. Our main product lines include salmon products from around the world, and fresh and frozen organic seafood.

Our aim is to supply the finest quality products and services at the most competitive price guaranteeing our clients extraordinary value for their money. We believe that our success is attributed to exceptional quality products, our high level of service, and excellent value for money.


DOM International Limited specializes in providing salmon products to the North American market. We are one of the largest importers of smoked salmon into North America with brands such as NORWEGIAN FJORD, DOM SPECIALTY SEAFOOD, HIGHLANDER, and DOM ORGANICS. We also carry fresh and frozen salmon portions, fillets, and whole fish in a variety of formats in retail and foodservice sizes, as well as other value-added salmon products.


DOM International Limited is a pioneer in bringing organic seafood products to the North American market. DOM ORGANICS offers a growing variety of organically certified seafood products such as Atlantic salmon, smoked salmon, and frozen salmon portions. We continue to source the finest organic products from around the world, and also offer organic greenshell mussels from New Zealand and organic shrimp from Ecuador. Our organic seafood are raised using all-natural, sustainable practices, in harmony with their environments.


DOM International Limited searches the world to bring its customers a range of exceptional seafood products. DOM SPECIALTY SEAFOOD offerings add variety and excitement to the retail and foodservice sectors: Escargots, Smoked Atlantic and Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salmon & Broccoli Lasagna, Salad Shrimp, and Breaded Salmon Tenders. Our quick and easy-to-prepare formats mean tasty, healthy meals in minutes.